Zippo Canada Bottoms Up!

Simple machines with timeless appeal.

Zippo windproof lighters represent one of the fastest growing categories in the world of collectibles. Zippo windproof lighters are bought, sold and traded by thousands of enthusiastic fans from nearly every continent. Increasingly, collectors are growing to appreciate Zippo Canada products for their rarity, and therefore, their unique appeal as collectibles. In fact, it's not unusual for collectors to designate a separate Canadian section in their own collections for the Niagara Falls factory's unique line of products.

Counterfeit or Canadian?

It's easy to understand why those unfamiliar with Zippo Canada's history might dismiss the distinctive 'Niagara Falls, Ontario' bottom stamp as a fake. After all, Zippo USA produces over 16.8 million lighters per year, while Zippo Canada's production was just over 500,000 units. Zippo Canada opened in August 1949 and was the only place other than Bradford, PA, where Zippo lighters were ever produced. A final production run signified the end of an era with the closing of the Zippo Canada production plant in July 2002, making Zippo Canada products more collectible than ever.

The 'Niagara Falls Ontario' bottom stamp, like its Bradford, PA counterpart, is 'your guarantee of our guaranteeā„¢'

It's not the age, it's the mileage.

Since 1949, Zippo Manufacturing Company of Canada, Ltd., has produced over 13.5 million windproof lighters. Over the years, few changes have occurred to the original lighter. If you browse this page you will see the dates when significant styles and series were introduced. A series of manufacturers codes stamped on the bottoms of all lighters identify the month and year of manufacture.

As the style of Zippo lighters has changed over the years, so has the design of the Zippo logo that is engraved on the bottom of each lighter.

Since the late 50's, the bottom of every Zippo lighter has featured a series symbols which serve as code marks. When matched to the manufacturer's coding chart below, you can determine what year the lighters were produced. Here are some representative samples:

Starting early in the year 2000, lighters produced feature the Zippo logo on the left, the month code in the center, and 2000 stamped above the Roman numeral XVI.

For 2001 and beyond, Zippo has introduced a new, easier to interpret date code. The letters A through L on the left of the Zippo logo still represent the month of manufacture. The year of manufacture, however, is now identified by the last two numbers of that year, stamped to the right of the Zippo logo.